Hacking Frenzy Now Back on Social Networks

Will the buzz around hacktivism exploits ensure a glorious comeback of Account Hacker scams?


Just wondering…don’t take it as a dare. It’s not. Apparently, the classic “snoop on your friend while slipping your conscience a nice valium tablet” scenario is back.  Not so long ago, we were wondering why so many people have this irresistible urge to spy on their friends/loved ones. At that time, we had our eye on a Yahoo Messenger account hacking tool that equipped the “so curious I’d give an eye and my mother in law” with THE tool of their dreams.

It is a classic, mind you, so it’s here to stay (“forever and ever” is my bet, but, who knows!). Now let’s see what the cat (curiosity -> departed cats……you know….you do? OK) brought in this time. Ta-daaaaaaaaam:

Let’s break this social engineering baby down:

1.       Great meets three exclamation marks. It’s got to be phenomenal. It’s simple, to the point….What’s greater than great?

2.       Facebook Account Hacker version 3.6…..Aha! So it’s a nice tool in the making, evolving. Not a no good beta or version 1.5….It’s already 3.6. Just imagine the generations of 007 wannabes that actually used it. The stuff that dreams are made of!

3.       Testimonials work wonders. No 1: “I already open my Friend’s Facebook Account”. No 2: I Love this Really working”. Something missing? Grammar, maybe? Remorse? Details, details….

4.       Hurry meets four exclamation marks. No pressure here! Take your time…

We all love a good challenge so here comes the click!



Black background. These people must mean serious business. Serious, indeed. Want to be a spy? Why don’t you give us your friend’s e-mail address so we can spam him/her at will, while you take one step up Jacob the Hacker’s ladder.

How wonderful! They’re asking you to become their evangelist: post the message 4 times on Facebook (Or else? Lightning? Thunder? Terrible disease?); share the Page (be generous to all other spies out there!) and then click Download.

Let’s all say it together: the survey maze. Never ending. Never quenching your thirst for knowledge (on the menu: an intelligence test, find out your true love, find out how you can always know where your phone is, do you want to know whether he/she is THE one?).

Wish I could say no harm done here. But that’s not quite the case. Take a look at your profile and you’ll see it’s plastered with these ads:

100% working…not.

As always, Bitdefender Safego is there to keep you safe.

Click safely and wisely!

This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Tudor Florescu, BitDefender Online Threats Analyst 

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