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Scammers put their philosophical shoes back on with fugit irreparabile timeline and mortem re-loaded baits

Hate it or not, the Timeline’s here to stay. You know it, I know it, but does everybody else on Facebook know it? As we’re living in a revolution-prone age, nobody actually expects oppressive states of fact to be accepted without even the slightest signs of opposition. Some may argue that what’s unbearable to me, might be nothing more than a minor discomfort to others. The nice thing about it is that in the online social world, you can have as many “springs” as you want for as many causes as you want. After all, rising to arms in this environment simply means creating a page and then using it for a healthy crop of Likes to promote your cause.

Speaking of revolutions, here’s our very own “Timeline spring”, complete with a strong message “I hate Facebook Timeline” and one big fat planned action: “sending a report to Facebook staff, to remove facebook timeline!”


When you aim to submit such a tremendously life changing bill to the online social network parliament, you need to prove that you’ve got a cohort of supporters and that the proposed change is actually worth making. Fair enough….so you give them your Like.

But that’s not all….these people want a real commitment from you. Be brave and earn your online revolutionary stars by giving them your…..full name, e-mail address and your Facebook password!!!!

That’ll be your ultimate sacrifice for the cause: your full name and (verified!) e-mail address are the equivalent of gold on the spammers’ market. As for your Facebook password ….well, that might help the bad guys lock you out of your account  and have their way with it (i.e. use it to promote their message and lure your friends into the trap). I’m telling you, this is revolutionary phishing!

Now, on the “back from the dead” front, there’s quite an interesting scenario going on.

Not only is the embodiment of evil not dead, but it’s got its own leaked video running around! Breaking news, you say? Breaking indeed, as it’ll probably push you to break some recently discovered common sense rules of the virtual world:

  1. No blind Likes to see the video!

  1. No installing unknown apps that “accidentally” spring up in your path!

Note: yes, you were, indeed looking for a video about somebody else’s death, not yours….but, heck, they seem to have the gift of clairvoyance, plus we’re all going to die after all, aren’t we? (Question to self: Would any living person actually click any link promising to show them the video of their own death? Scam niche alert!)

  1. There’s no way out of a survey maze. None!

Care to hear more about this wild geese chasing business?

This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Tudor Florescu, BitDefender Online Threats Analyst.

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