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Hola VPN Allegedly Used in DDoS Against 4Chan

Popular VPN service Hola has been used to disrupt the operations of 4Chan, according to reports.

To help users access any site from around the world by hiding their IP address, Hola’s VPN service uses the Luminati network. Luminati is an anonymity network similar to Tor. Based on a peer-to-peer network, it routes users’ requests through other Luminati users acting as exit nodes.

It seems Luminati was used as a botnet against 4Chan, to overflood the site’s network with requests. As a result, 9 millions IPs were banned from accessing 4Chan, an administrator said.

 Hola VPN Allegedly Used in DDoS Against 4Chan

Source: SecurityZap

 However, 4Chan hasn’t made any official statement on this matter.

This is not the first time 4Chan has been a victim of a DDoS attack. In January 2015, the site was rendered unavailable after the infamous hacking group Lizard Squad has taken advantage of their commercially-available Lizard Stresser tool to put down the site.

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  • I used to use it because my ISP is banned, and is the only one in my area. I can no longer post there. Any alternative?

  • Hi,
    Im using Hola more than a year and shocked with this. Which application do you advise to us? According to you Hola is like a TOR. I found that ZPN named free vpn on web . Is it trustable or vulnerable for attacks like Hola?