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Internet Explorer Fix Tool Available; Critical Security Update on Hold until Tomorrow

Microsoft released a “fix it” tool for the Internet Explorer vulnerability that became public earlier this week and scheduled a security update for tomorrow. According to security researchers, variants of the new Internet Explorer exploit are used to infect users with remote access Trojans targeting specific industries, and can covertly grab personal information.

“More customers could be affected,” Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Director Yunsun Wee said in a blog post. “As a result, today we have released a Fix it that is available to address that issue.  This is an easy, one-click solution that will help protect your computer right away.  It will not affect your ability to browse the web, and it does not require a reboot of your computer.”

The company has also prepared an update rated as ‘critical’ to become available tomorrow through Windows Update and standard distribution channels. Users who don’t have automatic updates enabled should manually install the patch.

“This will not only reinforce the issue that the Fix It addressed, but cover other issues as well,” Microsoft representatives stated. Besides the Internet Explorer vulnerability, the security update is due to cover four other critical-class remote code execution issues. Microsoft will also hold a special live webcast to take questions from registered users about the recent patches and security flaws.

Germany was the only state to take a firm position regarding the Internet Explorer breach, as it also did at the beginning of 2010. Mozilla then proudly announced that “people in Germany are switching browsers,” and the Firefox community expanded steeply due to the number of downloads.

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