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iPhone 6 Users Trolled by 4Chan’s iBend Prank

STOP bending your new iPhone 6!

Even though the iPhone 6 architecture allows for bending due to the distribution of components and the new aluminum case, actually bending it is not very smart.

The Daily Dot reports that 4chan pranksters are trying to persuade iPhone 6 owners to bend their smartphones.

The prank, also known as Bend or iFlex, follows a series of reports of the iPhone 6 flaw shortly after its release.

The pranksters are also using “various Apple-inspired ads” to persuade owners to bend their newest acquisition and enhance their screen angle by giving it a new “unique shape.” 

Photo Credit: 4chan

“Apple’s patented `iFlex‘ aluminum alloy allows for complete user control of the shape and curvature of the iPhone 6 Plus’s screen,” the 4chan prank states. “iFlex allows you to personally reshape the screen of your phone for a custom viewing experience as unique as the owner that shaped it.”

Looks like the 4chan pranksters are decent at writing marketing content, easily tricking users into bending their phones. It helps that the “announcement” promises a replacement if the phone suffers any kind of damage from the “customization” process (bending of course).

Sad to say, but the iPhone 6 flaw has turned into a socially engineered prank making the rounds on the internet. And it isn’t the first one – another prank dubbed ‘iWave’ released by the same 4channers surfaced a week ago. 

Photo Credit: 4chan

This one promised iPhone 6 owners that special features will be unlocked if they microwave their phones.

The best advice for new iPhone 6 owners is not to bend or microwave your phone – you might not deserve a replacement.

The fake Apple news, however, won’t cause nearly as much consternation as the real news: Apple announced that an update to iOS 8.0.1 on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus may cause loss of cellular reception or stop the functionality of Touch ID. A workaround was also present in the advisory.  It instructed users to reinstall iOS 8 through iTunes by following some predefined steps.

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