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ISPs call for cybersecurity partnership with government

Cybersecurity is not only a top priority for 79% of ISPs, but has also become key for policymakers, users, businesses and law enforcement. More thorough cybersecurity training for law enforcement and government security awareness campaigns are the top recommendations following an extensive survey on the importance of cybersecurity for ISPs in the UK.

The members of the Internet Services Provers’ Association were asked to discuss cybersecurity in their organizations, how high it ranks, the role users play in cyberattacks, how organizations have been affected overall and the technology implemented to safeguard the environment and fight attacks.

“Cybersecurity is critical, and this survey shows how it has become an even bigger issue for ISPs. The survey also reveals that industry believes Government and law enforcement need to raise their game in tackling cybercrime and need to have a clear plan on how they will be tackling offenders and raising awareness among users,” said ISPA Chair James Blessing.

92% of ISPs have dealt with attacks daily (31%), weekly (23%) or monthly (38%), the survey found. To reduce threats, secure networks and catch cyber criminals, ISPs say a partnership with law enforcement, government, end users and businesses would be key. To make this happen, 77% of ISPs have increased cybersecurity spending and urge governments to initiate more awareness campaigns, rather than new legislation. Concerns have also been raised about the role government surveillance plays and the effect it has on cybersecurity.

“The survey further shows a real belief among ISPA members in a partnership approach with different stakeholders playing their part. This means government, law enforcement, internet companies, individual users, ISPs and businesses all working together to protect networks, follow good cyber hygiene, mitigate threats and bring offenders to justice,” Blessing said.

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