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Israeli Website Hack Leads to Leak of 20,000 Accounts

Israeli Website Hack Leads to Leak of 20,000 Accounts

The Anonymous hacker group announced the hacking of an Israeli-based website,, by revealing 20,000 accounts containing clear text passwords,  user names, ID’s, emails, gender, and location information.

The leak was pledged in the name of #OpIsrael, which started after the airstrikes on Palestine, by a hacker known as c0mandEr0r. Posting the data on AnonPaste, he claims that some 80,000 accounts are still in his possession, but processing the data would have taken too long.

Israeli Website Hack Leads to Leak of 20,000 Accounts

“There are still 80.000 accounts in the database,” said c0mandEr0r in the AnonPaste leak. “It took a long time to dump it, sorry.”

Although no details were given as to how the website was breached or what vulnerability was used to access the database, the hacker only said more data is at his disposal. With no hints on whether he’ll release the entire database or not, it’s safe to conclude that 80,000 user accounts have been exposed.

The compromised database mostly contains Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo emails, used as credentials for login authentication. Since passwords were posted in plain text, those who use the same password for multiple email accounts are advised by experts to change it.

This latest Anonymous cyber-attack on an Israeli-based website proves the hacker group is still targeting web sites to prove a point.

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  • With a Goverment owned society and all instraments of control is it logical to think seriously that with all the false flag entanglements and preemptive strikes on resorce rich countries is is to real to labled a conspiericy to think that anon is another CIA op to control the internet? i would not rule out anything when the U.S. Or Israel offer up any info on anything. I for one am considering that most of anon strikes if not all are fiction or concocted by the very same entities thhat offer up the info

    • First of all you should start to speak as an american before you post as one . Take your conspiracy theory and paranoia and take a trip to Moscow where you belong .