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JPMorgan Hackers Breach Fidelity Investments; No Data Stolen

The JPMorgan hackers breached Fidelity Investments as well, but stole no confidential data from the mutual fund company, according to Reuters. The cyber-attack targeted another dozen financial institutions including the JPMorgan Chase breach, which affected 76 million households.

While the US Secret Service and the FBI just started investigating, the media points fingers at Russia. Hackers didn’t manage to breach the security infrastructure of all the targeted 13 financial institutions, media investigations also suggested.

JPMorgan Hackers Breach Fidelity Investments; No Data Stolen“We have no indication that any Fidelity customer sites, accounts, information, services or systems were affected by this matter,” Fidelity spokesman Vincent Loporchio told The Financial Times.

“We take security very seriously and closely monitor the online environment. Fidelity has a range of safeguards and multiple layers of security in place to protect customer accounts and information, our sites, and systems. For security reasons, some of these protections are visible, some are not. Beyond that, for security reasons, it’s our practice not to comment on details of specific matters.”

Fidelity is one of the biggest mutual fund companies, hosting the accounts of thousands of American retirees. JPMorgan is so far the only company to confirm information was stolen in the cyber-attack, which was one of the largest data breaches in history.

As cyber-attacks become more damaging, companies are starting to reconsider their online protection and invest in enterprise security solutions and qualified IT security staff. Last month, Fidelity itself was recruiting a Senior Cyber Incident Response Forensics and Malware Analyst to “defend the network and work on detection, response, and mitigation of cyber incidents.”

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