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Latest Facebook Survey Questions Users about Privacy, Annoying Posts

Facebook is curious about privacy, annoying posts and the overall experience on the platform, according to the latest survey shared with users worldwide. The 3-minute quiz also includes questions about trust, security and general satisfaction with the social network.

In the US, the survey also includes examples of annoying or disturbing posts such as family photos, posts with too much information and charity messages begging for likes and shares.

“It’s about time Facebook decided to (maybe) start cracking down on the many, many annoying ‘people’ posts that populate News Feed, but the posts they’re asking participants to rate aren’t exactly (for the most part) posts one would expect,” AllFacebook notes.

Latest Facebook Survey Questions Users about Privacy, Annoying PostsIn other regions, the survey focuses on privacy and trust and digs for the reasons behind users’ mistrust with the social network.

“You chose ‘Somewhat trustworthy’ in response to the previous question. What is the primary reason why you feel this way about Facebook?,” the survey reads.

Answers to this question include worries about how personal information might be collected and shared, scams, spam, viruses, hackers and fake accounts. The social network also seems to be aware that it wasn’t always prompt in banning reported content or solving users’ problems.

Facebook is also interested in finding out who are the third-parties that users suspect it shares their information with. The answer list includes the games, apps, advertisers and the government.

The survey allows users to write complaints that weren’t included in the answers and asks for additional feedback.

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