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Latino Anonymous Hacks Charity, Religious Sites in the Name of Halloween

A small hacking group, allegedly part of Anonymous Central America, defaced several charity and religion-themed websites in the “name” of Halloween. One of the websites broken by “AnarckHack” is that of a children’s organization based in Caracas, Venezuela. Most websites hacked before Halloween are still down.

The hackers also posted online an object-oriented typing text script. Under the title “Halloween style”, the program is supposed to help other passionate hackers to “type out” the text they post on defaced websites.

The hackers already tested the program in several browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Konqueror and Internet Explorer. They also used it on the recently defaced websites to write their group’s name one letter at a time. Driven by the same “Halloween spirit,” they replaced the children’s foundation’s website with an image of evil pumpkins. The message is accompanied by spooky music.

AnarckHack also played Era’s song “Ameno” on the website of a Mexican company that distributes beauty products. HOTforSecurity managed to take screen shots before the beauty company put the website online again.

Other websites broken into by the Latin American Anons include those of some religious Spanish language radio stations.

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