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Proper manners are as important online as they are offline. However, few people actually commit to being a good example in their online community. Maybe it’s because they’re confused by all the cyber noise around them? Anyhow, today is Safer Internet Day 2015, a day that reminds users of the role they play in helping create a better and safer online community.

To become a better cybercitizen and enjoy your online experience to the fullest, we’ve created a list of 10 simple etiquette rules to follow online:

1. Don’t trash others! Are your comments rude, discriminatory, illiterate, or foolish? Do you show enough respect for comments, ideas and values from others? Respect others, and you will be respected.
2. Report inappropriate content, including fake Facebook profiles claiming to be you. They can spread malicious link and infect your friends’ computers.
3. Think twice before posting potentially embarrassing pictures of yourself or your family and friends.
4. If you access the Internet from a shared computer, don’t leave anything private behind.
5. When you sell or lend your phone, format and overwrite its internal data with a secure erase tool for your own privacy and for others’ well-being.
6. The Internet is a huge library we all take advantage of, so do your part, share what others might find useful and help other Internet newbies navigate the web.
7. Stop bragging about your perfect life, try to not overshare information on social networking sites. Thieves might take advantage of it to steal your identity.
8. Try to educate your friends on the security risks of browsing without anti-malware protection. Malware lurks where you least expect it!
9. Don’t spam your contacts with links and unwanted email attachments; your messages might end up in the trash!
10. Last but not least, stay informed, read security news and blogs to learn what you need to do to stay 100% safe.

Know your digital manners and you’ll be rewarded for it. Any recommendations you think we’ve missed? Do share!

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Alexandra GHEORGHE

Alexandra started writing about IT at the dawn of the decade - when an iPad was an eye-injury patch, we were minus Google+ and we all had Jobs. She has since wielded her background in PR and marketing communications to translate binary code to colorful stories that have been known to wear out readers' mouse scrolls. Alexandra is also a social media enthusiast who 'likes' only what she likes and LOLs only when she laughs out loud.

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