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Lindsay Lohan Hacked on Twitter; Hitler, Hurricane Messages Outrage her Fans

Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter account was allegedly hacked, and a message about Hitler was posted on the platform as if coming from the 26 year-old actress, according to her latest tweet.

“My twitter was hacked, please ignore the last tweet,” she said to her followers on the microblogging website.

But fans already disliked the strange joke about Hitler, which was linked to a previous post about Hurricane Sandy.

“WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i’m calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace,” Lindsay Lohan first wrote.

A couple of days later, a fake message posted on her behalf and quoted by SecurityFAQs, read: “How does Hitler tie his shoes? from @oatmeal.”

Lindsay Lohan soon deleted the Hitler tweet from her timeline, but some fans still felt outraged or disappointed.

“I used to be a fan… now you are tweeting about Hitler? what is wrong with you?  bad enough the hurricane tweet… JUST WOW,” one follower wrote.

Some cynical followers even suggested she had been abusing drugs or alcohol and accidentally posted the Hitler message, and that a hacker would be more creative than that. However, supporters who believed in the cyber-attack advised her to change her password.

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  • hahaha,
    after i read this on his tweet “You have to LOVE yourself before you can love anyone else” these conclusion seems legit … “accidentally” posted the Hitler message

    you made me laugh morning, thanks
    p.s. “Think positive and pray for peace”:))

  • Well, there are so many fans who are asking her: “@lindsaylohan when are we getting married?”, so she must encourage them somehow :)
    Thanks for reading us.

    • haha :))
      in my grandma village is a word for lady’s “if you don’t find a man to take you as wife, the “old woman” from village will marry you”, is not sound funny in english but if she read this post hope will understand and come here in visit to test if is true or not :))