Rootkits are extremely advanced pieces of malware, built with complete stealth in mind.
They can camouflage themselves among other legitimate processes running onto the system, which dramatically increases discovery and disinfection times.
Rootkits are not only extremely difficult to detect, but they are also impossible to manually disinfect by the average computer user. Even specialized antivirus programs are sometimes incapable of cleaning them. Bitdefender products include an Anti-Rootkit module for detecting and eliminating hidden security threats.
Rootkits are also designed to take complete control over the entire affected computer, without user

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Bogdan Botezatu is living his second childhood at Bitdefender as senior e-threat analyst. When he is not documenting sophisticated strains of malware or writing removal tools, he teaches extreme sports such as surfing the web without protection or rodeo with wild Trojan horses. He believes that most things in life can be beat with strong heuristics and that antimalware research is like working for a secret agency: you need to stay focused at all times, but you get all the glory when you catch the bad guys.