Malware removal tools, anyone?

When good things go wrong.


Many computer users have experienced problems when their systems were infected with malware after web-surfing. Fortunately, there’s lots of  free and paid software around that’s designed to prevent such infections or to remove these threats from their computers. Though many of these programs will do their job as promised, some might turn out to do exactly the opposite: they will install unwanted applications on the system, rather than clean the existing ones.

This is the case of the following fake Trojan removal tool. The file name: “Trojan Removal Kit” is very tempting, but not as tempting as the application description: “automatically remove[s] malware (trojans, worms, adware, spyware) from a PC when standard anti-virus software has either failed to detect the malware or is unable to effectively eliminate it.” In fact, this is just another fake antivirus:


trojan removal kit


When the user starts the application, the browser window automatically minimizes and a warning message is simultaneously displayed. This message notifies the user about several alleged computer infections and it points out the necessity of installing a security solution.

By clicking either the OK or the Cancel buttons of the various pop-up windows appearing on the screen, the user activates a false demonstration that unfolds in the restored browser window. This demonstration imitates an on-going scanning process that detects oodles of malware in the system, while other fake pop-up windows attempt to trick the user into downloading the malicious program posing as the antivirus.

With each so-called scan,more and more notices of false detectionsplace theuser under the pressure of registering the rogue antivirus. Once installed, the rogue modifies or irremediably damages the content of several system files and it conveys numerous pop-ups on sham system problems and fake infections, while also persistently asking the user to buy or renew a license.

To protect and avoid compromising your system and data ,install and activate a reliable antimalware, firewall solution and spam filter, such as those provided by BitDefender or, if you want to use a free antivirus solution or removal tool, please research into what is being said about the various products available..

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Sabina DATCU

Sabina Datcu, PhD has background training in Applied Informatics and Statistics, Biology and Foreign Languages and Literatures. In 2003 she obtained a master degree in Systems Ecology and in 2009 a PhD degree in Applied Informatics and Statistics.
Since 2001, she was involved in University of Bucharest's FP 5 and FP6 European projects, as researcher in Information and Knowledge Management field.

In 2009, she joined the E-Threat Analysis and Communication Team at BitDefender as technology writer and researcher, and started to write a wide range of IT&C security-related content, from malware, spam and phishing alerts to technical whitepapers and press releases.