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Michael Jackson Hackers Escape Jail Time, Serve Community

The two British hackers who allegedly stole Michael Jackson’s music after breaking into Sony’s servers got away without prison time but were sentenced to complete 100 hours of community service, according to The Guardian.

Michael Jackson Hackers Escape Jail Time, Serve Community 27-year old James Marks and 26 year-old James McCormick confessed they were big fans of Michael Jackson, which made them search for evidence that his posthumous songs weren’t interpreted by an impersonator. In the cyber-attack they managed to download hundreds of files from other singers too.

“Mixed emotions,” Marks said about the end of the court battle on his Twitter account. “I’m grateful to the Judge for being lenient and fully accept I accessed the server, & apologize to Sony.” He also suggested “one day people will know more.” “There’s a lot more, I just need to find the correct, legal and respectful output.”

The hacker maintains that he downloaded 300 illicit files. “Please don’t believe the press, or SOCA. 7900 files… wasn’t it 49,000 last year? It’s more like 300 files. They added files from elsewhere,” Marks said.

Marks and McCormick initially pleaded guilty to computer misuse and copyright offenses. The six-month sentences were suspended for a year and replaced with community service. The two men managed to hack into Sony’s US servers from their home computers.

The entertainment giant has a $250 million deal signed for seven years to sell the unreleased recordings of Michael Jackson, who died in 2009.

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