Michael Jacksons' unknown killer

A few new spam waves (4 different strains) hit our inboxes since Michael Jacksons' death and guess who the main character was? Malware writers are fast at adapting news to spread their own evil creations or schemes and this event was no different.

1. Advertising sexual enhancement drugs

 The email
body of this spam message looks like this:

Jackson dead? NO!!!


            The subject
of the message is: Michael Jackson dead? NO!!!

advertised website looked like this:


MJ Malware


2. Spreading malware

The body of this spam message looked like this:

Jackson Was Killed…

            But Who
Killed Michael Jackson?

X-Files to see the answer:


subject of the message is: Who killed Michael Jackson?

target website looked like this:


MJ malware


The file presented as “the file with secret information”
about Michael Jacksons’ killer is nothing but a recycled ZBot, more specifically
Trojan.Spy.Zbot.UI, detected as Trojan.Spy.ZBot.VG this time. ZBot is known to
transform the infected machines into spaming relays, sending hundreds of
messages without the users knowledge or consent, consuming valuable network and
computing resources.