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Michigan man hacks government computer to jailbreak convicted friend; now faces 10 years in prison himself

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A man from Ann Arbor, Michigan faces up to 10 years in prison for hacking into Washtenaw County government systems in an attempt to get a friend released early.

A statement issued Friday by the Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Michigan reveals that 27-year-old Konrads Voits pleaded guilty to damaging a protected computer in an effort to gain authorized access to inmate records and modify the release date of a friend, who remains unnamed in the report.

An investigation into the case, which began in early 2017, revealed that Voits executed a classic “phishing” scheme but went as far as to call Washtenaw County employees to try to trick them into downloading malware by accessing certain resources.

Court records say Voits then exploited the infected computers to access and alter the electronic records of at least one inmate in an effort to get that inmate released early.

“Washtenaw County spent thousands of dollars and numerous extra work hours responding to and investigating the breach, resulting in a loss of at least $235,488,” according to the press release.

Voits is facing a 10-year prison stretch under federal law and a $250,000 fine.

The investigation was led by the FBI’s Cyber Task Force in partnership with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office and the Michigan State Police. Voits is scheduled to be sentenced on April 5, 2018 Port Huron. He will remain in custody until then.

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