Mila and The Horse [NUDE]

Pastebin goodie promising access to nude photos of Mila Kunis sets off Trojan


What would the world be without a little celeb buzz? No sooner had the nude Scarlet incident slightly receded into the back(ground) of our minds (yeah, we really dig these “oops, lost my naked photos!” incidents) leaving us all prey to the agony of not knowing what to occupy our vacant champs de la pensée with, here comes the hotstepper: Mila’s got it too!

What with the countless for and against voices we’ve heard debating the CRUCIAL matter of whether the bodily part presumably appearing in one of the photos is his (Justin T’s, that is) or not, no wonder some of us might suddenly convert to the “seeing is believing” persuasion. And, as a consequence of this newly found faith, we’d get busy seeking a source of those photos.

That whole lot of C.S.I. we presumably gulped down must be put to some good use so here’s what our cyber-forensic quest takes us to:

Simple. Clear. To the point. Like all things perfect, it commands silence (at least one sec) and a highly emotionally charged click…. to Trojan Land.

“Thank you…. you master of all evil plans”, says your PC….. “Lucky I have my antivirus!”.

Case closed! No TV for you today….go read a book! Ah, and seeing that now you’ve understood how much trouble a nice internet security suite prevents, don’t go (too) wild, and try to click wisely!

This article is based on the findings of Sabina Datcu, Bitdefender Online Threats Analyst.

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