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Montana Public Health Department Systems Breached; 1.3 Million Records May Have Been Exposed

The systems of Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) were breached in May, according to an announcement by the Public Information Officer. Some 1.3 million records containing health and financial information may have been exposed.

The server was taken down on May 22 after a week of suspicious activity and an independent forensics investigation began shortly after. Recently the DPHHS started notifying the individuals who had their details on the breached server.

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“Out of an abundance of caution, we are notifying those whose personal information could have been on the server,” said Richard Opper, DPHHS Director. “Again, we have no reports, nor do we have any evidence that anyone’s information was used in any way, or even accessed.”

The affected individuals were clients and former or current contractors and employees and the “DPHHS staff has been thoroughly reviewing all files on the server to determine those individuals to be notified.”

DPHHS clients had personal information and health information stored on the server and current and former contractors and employees had personal information, including Social Security numbers and bank account data, stored on it.

So far there is no proof that the hackers accessed or used any information, but the DPHHS the department is offering insurance and free credit monitoring for all individuals who may be affected.

“I encourage Montanans who are notified to sign up for the free credit monitoring and insurance that is being provided,” Opper concluded.

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