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Mozilla Offers New `Persona’ Website Authentication System

Mozilla launches its website authentication system, Persona, to help users create and manage specific usernames and passwords.

Image credits:The Mozilla Foundation  

 Users authenticate in Persona-supported websites with only e-mail addresses. It starts with creating an account on Mozilla’s website, where the user choses a password and adds unlimited e-mail addresses. “This lets you keep your various online personalities (school, work, home, etc.) separate,” Mozilla says in an article about Persona. The identity of the user is correlated to the e-mail addresses with confirmation e-mail.

Once ownership is verified, the user can access websites supporting Persona authentication by clicking twice. While users logged into will only select already-verified e-mail address they need to enter a certain website, those who are not logged in need to provide their e-mail address along with the Persona password to sign in.

 “It creates a wall between signing you in and what you do once you’re there. The history of what sites you visit is stored only on your own computer,” Mozilla adds.

While this system makes it easy to manage passwords and usernames across the WWW, centralized management is nonetheless risky.  Let’s hope Persona creators are already looking into ways of strengthening the security aspect of this new authentication system.

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