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NASA Exposed Due to SSL Certificate Hack

A group of Iranian hackers known as the ‘Cyber Warriors Team’ hacked NASA’s SSL digital certificate, exposing information from thousands of NASA researchers.

By using a HTTPS protocol scanner, hackers were able to find a vulnerability in NASA’s website and gained control over the certificate, which lead to the exposure of classified user information, emails and accounts.

“This message is not Warning . This is fact Of Hack SSL certificate From Iranian Hackers. I explain for You The details.Full details and more,we Send for NASA ( With Images and data source),” said the Iranian hackers.

The vulnerability identified as that of NASA’s Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES) site, enabled full functional control by the Cyber Warriors Team and the portal’s login system was fully compromised.

“These incidents spanned a wide continuum from individuals testing their skill to break into NASA systems, to well-organized criminal enterprises hacking for profit, to intrusions that may have been sponsored by foreign intelligence services seeking to further their countries’ objectives,” said Paul K. Martin, NASA Inspector General.

NASA is investigating to determine how the vulnerability was exploited and what impact it had on the exposed information. Government agencies have long been targeted by hackers and the NASA incident is only the latest in a long line of intrusions.

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