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New Era in Password Safety with the New Bitdefender Wallet

The number of high-profile database leaks in the past two years raised red flags on the effectiveness and security of password-based authentication. Unfortunately, biometrics or smartcards are still a long way from mass adoption. Passwords – though risky – are everywhere.

To avoid such attacks, prevention is better than mitigation. Strong, unique and frequently renewed passwords for different accounts help users protect themselves against direct attacks. But it is not easy, as remembering strong passwords is time consuming and extremely difficult.

That’s why Bitdefender has created Wallet, a utility that ships today with the New Bitdefender. This virtual wallet can be used to store bank account numbers, PINs, credentials for websites, e-mails, subscriptions, applications or wireless networks, keeping all sensitive data together and encrypted in a single location locked with a master password.

Instead of numerous passwords and usernames, you only need to remember one master password to access the Wallet.

Apart from storing credentials, the Wallet can automatically fill them out in users’ browsers or favorite applications, e-mail clients or websites and save people the hassle of having to manually log into those accounts. No more passwords recovery or indecipherable CAPTCHAs.

It’s fast! It’s easy! It’s safe!

Online banking and shopping experiences become pleasant and hassle-free when Wallet is paired with Bitdefender Safepay. The secure browser that activates automatically during online transactions will have Wallet fill in the login credentials, saving precious time that can be directed towards preparations for the summer vacation or buying a present for a loved one.

How does it work?

Bitdefender Wallet allows users to import a previously created database or start fresh with a new one. A single Master password locks all other important personal data in a secure location. Passwords, card numbers, PINs, usernames and addresses can be saved into Wallet under the correspondent tab: My info, Websites, Online banking, E-mails, Apps and subscriptions, and Wi-Fi Networks.

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A blend of teacher and technical journalist with a pinch of e-threat analysis, Loredana Botezatu writes mostly about malware and spam. She believes that most errors happen between the keyboard and the chair. Loredana has been writing about the IT world and e-security for well over five years and has made a personal goal out of educating computer users about the ins and outs of the cybercrime ecosystem.


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  • The BD wallet is ok if you will never want to import or export to csv/xls etc…
    No import/export option to work with other programs!! If you don’t wanna buy their product anymore, that’s it!

  • Can wallets be shared between bitdefender users? Like if a work team needs a set of passwords for just one project?

    • Wallets cannot be shared across users for security reasons. We do not recommend that a team share a single set of credentials, as it removes the capability to audit changes (i.e. trace back an action to a specific user).