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New Scam Targets Curly-Haired Facebook Fans

A new Facebook page is attempting to trick the curly-haired masses on the world’s most popular social site with an offer of free hair straighteners, according to Hoax Slayer. The scammers apparently aim to gather enough likes and shares so they can sell the page to other scammers, without ever straightening a single curly hair.

New Scam Targets Curly-Haired Facebook Fans“We have got 569 GHD Hair straighteners that can’t be sold because they have been unsealed. Therefore we are giving them away for free,” one message reads. The fake profile also claims winners will be randomly chosen to receive a straightener on March 20. To make the scam more credible, cyber-criminals used the logos and photographs of the authentic ghd Australia.

The company has published a warning to its customers. “We have received a number of inbox messages and posts in regards to a page ‘ghd straighteners’ giving away ghd stylers,” the company’s representatives said. “This is not a legitimate ghd Facebook page. To protect yourself online and to ensure that you are purchasing genuine ghd products, only purchase from a ghd approved salon or the ghd official website www.ghdhair.comau. Thank you for being amazing ghd advocates!”

Such pages offer fictional giveaways in the hope of gathering huge numbers of likes, according to Hoax Slayer. They are then sold to “naive or unscrupulous” Internet marketers at inflated prices or they promote dubious products and services to a large audience. Some fake Facebook web pages are also used to trick people into participating in survey scams.

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