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New Technology Hinders Visibility into Hybrid Cloud Environments

Some 75% of IT professionals feel new technology impedes clarity of user activity, file shares and storage, and overall activity in their organization’s hybrid cloud environment, Netwrix Corporation said in its latest report.

A strong majority said most problems also arise from BYOD infrastructures, which are more difficult to control. Almost half of respondents were concerned that further development of IT infrastructures will raise more visibility challenges.

“Organizations around the globe show growing interest for ensuring visibility into IT infrastructure,” said Michael Fimin, CEO of Netwrix. “In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, companies simply cannot foresee all possible cyber threats that could affect their data security and system uptime. Understanding what is happening in the IT infrastructure, including who or what causes malicious events, enables timely threat detection and prevents serious damage.”

The 2016 Netwrix Visibility Report, conducted in April and May 2016, is based on cyber security insights from more than 830 IT professionals from organizations in 30 industries. Netwrix introduced a platform to help organizations identify threats in their infrastructures to increase IT security efficiency.

“Advanced targeted attacks make prevention-centric strategies obsolete. Securing enterprises in 2020 will require a shift to information- and people-centric security strategies, combined with pervasive internal monitoring and sharing of security intelligence,” Gartner reported.

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