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Nip Slip Meets Joe Black


Ladies and gentlemen, on a count to three…strike a pose and bare your right leg. Angie and the boys did it, so why not show everybody that we each have at least one (perfectly lovable) leg to stand on? It would be our risk-free chance at sharing the Oscar glow.

If it’s cheekier controversy you’re after, Papa Bare is back to the classics: the onstage wardrobe malfunction. No carefully planned “accident” to remind us of the SuperBowl halftime. Just J-Lo’s plunging neckline casting momentary doubts about what was there for all of us to see on the Oscar night:

Just as with any other peep-show themed scam, you have to work for it….one click’s not enough:

No offers for you to complete, but you STILL WIN. Whose lucky day is this?

Yours of course. ‘Cause this is the day you learn a valuable lesson: don’t look a gift (Trojan) horse in the décolletage. It’ll turn into a mesmerizing experience for you and your social network friends …so much so that you’ll all start seeing nip slips everywhere:

How about some darker hued drama now?

Troubled celebrity allegedly trying to take his life. We already know some people will click to see anything from baby killer moms to maimed pups, so why not feast our eyes on the sight of a man staring the Grim Reaper in the face?

Darn! It’s a dead end. Looks like we’re dealing with amateurs here. This scam’s Mom or Dad is getting sloppy! Ntz, ntz, ntz….

Each celeb’s got his/her own scam niche. While an Eminem nip slip scam would simply be hilarious, a leaked sex tape starring him would easily draw a big crowd; for the moment, Slim Shady’s specialty remains “near death experience”:

(If this looks strangely familiar, it’s not you…it’s them. This is a copy of a Justin Bieber scamthat sprang up end of last  year.)

Step two takes the viewer on a reckless sharing spree, as he/she is supposed to spread the news about the attack before actually getting to see any video proof of it ever happening:

Sharing dues paid, if you click to play the wonder, you get a message saying the video’s been removed due to YouTube’s policy on inappropriate content. As you try to leave the page of video disappointment, you may stumble upon a last (lame) attempt at getting you to break your virtual neck:

A big “Pass!” to drowning our sorrow in gambling. We’ll just rap “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up!” instead.

This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Tudor Florescu, BitDefender Online Threats Analyst.

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