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Nude Selfies of Kim Kardashian Leaked Online

Google Blocks Access to Less Secure Apps

New nude selfies of Kim Kardashian have been leaked online as part of #thefappening wave, according to The Register. The leak comes almost three weeks after the first wave of leaked nude celebrity photos that unleashed a global scandal.

The Kardashian photos were first leaked on 4Chan and Reddit but the administrators quickly removed the nude selfies. Still, nude selfies of Kardashian are making the rounds on Twitter.

The leaked selfies were allegedly taken with a Blackberry phone, and they appear to be from 2009.

 If the selfies are older than a few years this means that the hacker has been collecting them for a while, maybe years, and we can likely expect yet another wave of leaked celebrities nude selfies.

All photos in the ongoing scandal seem to have been stolen from mobile services for cloud storage or backup.

So far neither Kardashian nor her representatives have commented.

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