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PC Users Four Times More Angry with Slow Performance than Catching Viruses, Bitdefender Study Shows

PC users are almost four times more annoyed by the slow performance of their machines rather than viruses, according to a survey by Bitdefender. The study on over 1,000 advanced computer users in the US and Canada showed that more than half of the respondents consider that slow performance is the most upsetting problem, while 13.4% pointed fingers at malware. Crashing applications and hardware problems have also left most people feeling disappointed with their machines.  

PC Users Four Times More Angry with Slow Performance than Catching Viruses, Bitdefender Study Shows The survey revealed that 12 per cent of advanced computer users are still running Windows XP, which makes them vulnerable to security threats. Tech giant Microsoft recently announced that the 11-year-old operating system will no longer receive support as of April 2014 and will be “forever vulnerable to attacks.”

PC Users Four Times More Angry with Slow Performance than Catching Viruses, Bitdefender Study Shows “Hundreds of users complain to us daily that their computer isn’t running as quickly as they would like it to,” Bitdefender Tech Assist Architect Florin Andrei said. “Most admit they have too many programs at start-up and their PC is getting old, while others blame viruses. We would have expected them to be angrier with password-stealing malware and banking Trojans, but instead they claim the slow pace of their PC is driving them crazy.”

PC Users Four Times More Angry with Slow Performance than Catching Viruses, Bitdefender Study Shows When asked about the main cause of their problems, a couple of users blamed their Internet providers and even the computer’s physical damage.

The Bitdefender survey was conducted between 2 and 8 October on 1,065 users mainly from the US and Canada, with a sample error of 3%. 79 per cent were men, while 21 per cent were woman. The age panel varied from under 25 year-olds (7.2%) to people older than 65 (18.9%). Most respondents were 46 to 65-year old (46.6%), followed by 36 to 45 year-olds (16.1%), and 25 to 35-year-olds (11.3%).

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  • Viruses too make your PC slower. Anyways i think its our computer services, especially the unwanted ones, that cause ours systems to work slow. We can turn these services for better computing performance. I use Reginout system utilities for automatically turning services off to enjoy a hassle-free computing.

  • So what are you going to do to help us? I know BitDefender slows my FireFox down , and crashes my computer, and I get that my security (bitdefender) are not compatible with each other! So if you guys don’t fix it by 2014 I will be shopping for another Security!!! And I have sent this issue to ur tech guys. GOT NO HELP! :(

    • Hello, Raymond.

      Thanks for reading our article.

      Our current technologies prevent slow down because everything works smoothly in the cloud. Are you sure your computer is up-to-date? I also have my Bitdefender installed and it works really well :) Please send us an e-mail: bitsy [@] I know for sure that my colleagues answer to all requests 24/7.



  • Yes, Arun. Upgrading your OS is one of the first steps you can take to better security and to prevent slow down.

  • Many people don’t realize this, but traditional hard drives are the main performance bottleneck in the modern computer. Buying a solid state drive is the best upgrade you can give your PC since they’re much better at accessing files quickly.

  • Hi, I use Advanced SystemCare for many years.
    It boosts my slow computer.

    never met the problems these years : )