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Philips Hacked Again, Almost 200,000 Data Leaked on the Internet

Electronics company Philips was hacked again, with almost 200,000 data leaked on the Internet following an attack claimed by Anonymous. The dump was posted under the #Antisec #LulzSecReborn hashtag on one of the hacking groups’ websites. This is the third time this year when the electronics giant is breached, and user data is stolen.

Most of the leaked files have been uploaded as raw SQL databases. Some of them only contain relatively sensitive information such as subscriber names and IDs, but at least 1,000 of them provide credentials hackers could make a profit from, according to a CyberWarNews analysis.

Sensitive information leaked after the attack includes e-mails, first and last names, and encrypted passwords. Part of the attack victims are users of Philips Sonicare or Wakeup Light products, and subscribers to

Philips has taken one hacker hit after the other lately. Last week, hacking group R00tbeer attacked the Dutch company, allegedly stealing 197,000 e-mails and other personal information. One of the databases dumped on the Internet contained hundreds of passwords stored in plain text, many of which were poorly chosen words such as “password” or “philips”.

In February this year, Philips online properties were also breached by two members of hacking group Team Intra. They only shared 100 e-mails from the defaced website, claiming they would like to sell the other “200k list.” At the time, Philips shut down one of its servers, and said it started to investigate the breach with the Police.

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