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Plaintext Passwords to Some 5.5 Million Teens Exposed via SQL Injection

An alleged SQL vulnerability in I-Dresup’s website could allow an attacker to download more than 5.5 million user accounts, including their plaintext passwords.

With currently more than 2.2 million user accounts already exposed, the attacker claims he can download the full database, as the vulnerability has yet to be patched even though it was reported two weeks ago.

The website is home to users under 13 years of age, who play dress-up games and do makeovers. While the breach is particularly serious due to the sheer amount of data, it’s also concerning that all passwords were stored in plaintext. Although industry standards dictate that user account passwords be hashed – even salted – the iDresup leak shows they’re often not.

The hacker also claims to have access to more than 6.6 million accounts and he’s offering to sell the remaining 4.4 million to whomever is interested. While the company has remained silent about the breach, it seems the vulnerability has also been left unpatched, potentially allowing the attacker continuous access.

With most of the website’s user base comprised of underage teens, it’s not unlikely that spam campaigns will soon start targeting the exposed email addresses. Since the validity of the dumped email addresses has already been confirmed, the breach is even more serious because of the exposed plaintext passwords.

Affected users are strongly encouraged to consider closing their accounts, at least until the website fixes the vulnerability. Otherwise, even if they

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