E-Threats Smart Home

The IoT can unlock homes, new Bitdefender report shows

Four billion internet-connected devices promise to take our homes to an unprecedented level of comfort. But this new digital convenience takes its toll on private lives. As we have seen in the early stages of IoT development, gadgets designed for our home can talk with each other, yet they risk being overheard when communicating sensitive data.

Bitdefender believes the IoT can reach its full potential only if interactions between users, devices, applications and the cloud are authentic and secure.

Bitdefender researchers examined the security stance of four Internet-connected consumer devices. Results show that current authentication mechanisms of internet-connected devices can still be bypassed to expose households and their inhabitants to discomfort, mass surveillance, privacy exposure and data theft.


Read the full paper here.

The report is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Bitdefender researchers Dragos Gavrilut, Radu Basaraba and George Cabau.

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  • our household has been dealing with this exact situation for 4 years with no end in sight. Sad when you can pay someone to listen to and record everything digitally and vocally to keep a step ahead in custody case. we could do the same but its not productive and is illegal!!! Any help out there to help find a way to permantly close the ports etc that this person or people are getting in, would be greatly apreciated. no Govt body will step in and help because its not human trafficking or weapons proliferation. Regardless, its still illegal but no one can or will be bothered with it!!! Thats what happens when you marry a scandolous illegal alien who used you for citizenship and money! Everyone say Hi to Volha, since she is recieving all of this in real time!