Prove Yourself As The Best Malware Catcher!

Prove yourself as the best malware catcher, find the malware image hidden on MalwareCity and you can win a BitDefender 2010 license for 1 year.


The contest starts on 14 December, and ends on 21 December 2009. There are 10 licenses in the game,this week, you could be the winner!


BitDefender Internet Security 2010

Catch Malware

What you have to do:

  1. Search the blog for the malware image that looks like this:
    Catch Him!
  2. Click on the malware image you found and follow the steps.
  3. Wait for the contest to end, the winners will be chosen random from those who found the malware image.


Hint: The Malware has been seen mostly on the News and Blog sections.
Contest is over! See the winners!


The contest is over. Thank you for participating. We have used a randomizer to select the 10 winners of BitDefender Internet Security 2010 licenses for 1 year.


And the winners are:

1. matt    royce
2. Hidde Smit
3. Pankaj Rathod
4. ricky martin
5. Martin Myer
6. murat kara
7. Halim Nordin
8. Rich    Garratt
9. Sam    Hayward-Vernon
10. Nguyen Van Quang

The prizes will be sent this week via e-mail, to the addresses provided when you subscribed.


NEW CONTEST IN TOWN (11-15 february), read more here: Prove Yourself As The Best Malware Catcher and Win BitDefender Internet Security 2010!

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