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Reckz0r’s Pastebin Bank Dump is Old News; Hacking Challenge Continues

Fresh news spread on Twitter of “over 79 large banks” breached by newly risen hacker Reckz0r, together with a Pastebin dump created by the same author to prove his deed, is building concern over cyber crooks.

“Today’s target is VISA & Mastercard, I will be only leaking a portion of the credit card information, as I cannot leak the entire data, it’s too large, and this is the certain proof that i’ve hacked into VISA & Mastercard….” reads the Pastebin message, which also points out Reckz0r’s motivations, namely “curiosity&challenge”.

IDG’s Jeremy Kirk tested the leaked data’s worth only to find it was old and practically useless. “Attempts to reach some of the U.S. cardholders affected were unsuccessful, since many of the phone numbers were disconnected or incorrect. But another person in the list, Sydney resident Julian Bale, said the information was very old. The home address published for him is seven years out of date, and an e-mail address published at least four years old, Bale said in a phone interview Tuesday”, wrote Kirk.

Adding shame to sorrow, the leaked data appears to be some other hacker’s spoils of war, according to a recent response to Reckz0r’s initial Twitter bragging.

It appears that Reckz0r’s hacking days are far from over, as three hours ago he posted on Pastebin a set of credentials allowing access to premium accounts on, an adult video download and streaming site. It remains to be seen whether anyone finds this leak worth proving old or stolen. In the meantime, the hacking hero of the day seems to be having fun playing hide and seek with whoever might want to track him down.



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