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Russian Dating Scam Drags Users to Javascript Malware

A wave of Russian dating spam drags users to a dangerous website loaded with Javascript malware. The Bitdefender Labs discovered an increasing number of e-mails designed to play on users’ virility to spread to inboxes worldwide.

Russian Dating Scam Drags Users to Javascript Malware
The Russian girls’ messages are straightforward and efficient, prompting users to respond fast to the bait. “Let’s act on our feelings and get to know one another,” one of the infected spam e-mails reads. “If we meet I can show you some parts of me ;),” says another.

The text is followed by a link to a dating website registered on a Russian domain. Users who click on it without updated antivirus software protection end up on a pornographic website, where cyber-criminals loaded malware on a Javascript file.

Russian Dating Scam Drags Users to Javascript MalwareThis is not the first time curiosity for female parts makes men click on dubious links. Earlier this year, a spam campaign was used to deploy a Java Script Trojan with a link â”coming” from a woman in terrible need of sharing hot pictures and videos.

Malware writers also count on feminine allure to spread malicious code on social networks. Their most fruitful bait to date involves famous women, with fake sex tapes of Rihanna and Taylor Swift regularly luring thousands of male users.

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This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Daniel Ichim, Bitdefender Spam Researcher.

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