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Security Awards: Bitdefender users enjoy best protection, speed and performance

Bitdefender representatives get the AV-Test award. Photo credits: AV-Test.

Independent labs AV-Test and AV-Comparatives reward top security without slowdowns.

There is no better validation for your internet security choice than the results of the most prestigious independent testing labs in the world. And the latest awards from AV-Test and AV-Comparatives show once more that Bitdefender users enjoy the most advanced cyber-security in the world with unaffected computer performance and connection speeds.

In the AV-Comparatives test, Bitdefender is a Top Rated Product with joint highest scores of all 21 security products reviewed. Bitdefender won gold in the Real-World Protection Test, an extremely complex test that, in the words of the AV-Comparatives experts, “achieves the most realistic way of determining how well the security product protects the PC.”

The innovative cyber-security company also got gold awards in Proactive Protection and File Detection. “Its almost instant real-time detection of malware on a flash drive stood out in our user-experience review,” AV-Comparatives said.

Another highly regarded independent testing institute, AV-Test, awarded Bitdefender Best Performance for the 2015 and 2016 versions of its Internet Security product.

“With the security solution Bitdefender Internet Security, private users are getting a highly-secure product, which hardly slows down PC resources at all in its daily routines,” said Maik Morgenstern, CTO of AV-TEST GmbH. This being the third time in a row that Bitdefender gets this award, the company has established a reputation for not only ironclad security, but also speed and responsiveness.

Bitdefender’s solution for Android devices, Bitdefender Mobile Security, got AV-Test’s Product of the Year award “for best overall performance throughout all test categories.” Which means, if you got a phone or tablet running Android, Bitdefender has pretty much the best security app for you.

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The meaning of Bitdefender’s mascot, the Dacian Draco, an ancient symbol that depicts a mythical animal with a wolf’s head and a dragon’s body, is “to watch” and to “guard with a sharp eye.” Like our mascot, we are committed to using Bitdefender Labs, our world-class research team, to vigilantly find and eradicate threats for our customers, and to use our platform for the larger good.


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  • I really did not have any problems with Bitdefender. Computer ran very well and service was great. Thank you!

  • Also, I forgot to mention, although Bitdefender automatically checks for updates periodically (time interval adjustable if you can get the setting to hold), the program is not intelligent enough to make sure it is up to date before it starts a scan. And it is not intelligent enough to not start one scan while another scan is already running. I have my machine set to perform a quick scan on startup, a ‘C-drive’ scan periodically on a schedule and a system scan periodically on a schedule, but it is not unusual to see Bitdefender run two or more scans simultaneously and run scans even while it is in the process of updating. I was told almost two years ago that this was being worked on but it apparently takes a long time to fix……

  • What’s more, the Bitdefender support team are tops, too, for helpful, intelligible response to an ordinary user’s difficulties…. several times.

  • have been super happy with service provided from Bitdefender – will be renewing when time comes up – do you contact me for renewal?- thanks so much – a wonderful addition to my computer