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Security is key concern for IoT developers, survey shows

Security is the main concern for almost half of the developers of IoT solutions, with interoperability and connectivity coming second and third, a recent survey shows.


Image source: Eclipse IoT Working Group

Some 48.3% of the developers working in organizations that have deployed IoT solutions identified security as their top concern, while 47.4% of all respondents fear security flaws in IoT products.

“It still seems the IoT industry still needs to focus on security,” says Ian Skerrett, VP of Marketing and Ecosystem at the Eclipse Foundation. “It is a difficult issue that needs to be solved. For companies that have deployed a solution today, performance is rising to the third key concern. It is not clear what the performance issues are, but it is something that warrants more investigation.”

Over 70% of the respondents said they use Linux for their IoT operating system, followed by No OS/Bare metal (23%).

Some 46% said their company develops and deploys an IoT solution today, and another 29% plan to do so within six months.

The survey, conducted this month by the Eclipse IoT Working Group, polled 528 IoT developers in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Recent Bitdefender research draws attention to the need to embed proper security in the life-cycle of devices, as they still lack strong authentication mechanisms when pushed to market. It also reminds users to pay attention and conduct a thorough market research before purchasing any new devices which might endanger their privacy. Read the full paper here.

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