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Sex & Horror Scams Served Piñata Style

Facebook scams based on promised revelations about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship/sexual identity crises have been around for a while. They’ve acquired the status of scam classics so that any addition to the Teen Queen and King’s online Love Saga is now likely to evoke tender nostalgia among online voyeurs. What on earth have they done this time according to scammy reports?

As always, J&S kinky love scam baits aren’t winning any awards for originality. In this case, we have a plain “oops!! There was a hidden camera in Selena & Bieber’s bedroom”. Teasing as this short line may be, it can do little to prepare users for the Piñata apocalypse, as we shall call it.

First off, you put your e-bat (i.e. click-crazed hand appendage) out of its misery and no, you don’t kill it…you just mute your common sense and click the hidden camera link. This is where you land:


What a pretty sight: 251 people liked this, a long list of comments supporting the +18 content…and, a nice proposal for an HTML5 Video Playback download.

In keeping with the Piñata tradition, we’re blindfolded, so we don’t see the huge “unauthorized add-on” that’s about to hit us. Neither do we see the details that scream “Don’t go there”:

a)      The re-direct to not-on-Facebook land:


b)      The fact that your profile picture and name are replaced by a generic My profile


 And on we click!


Repeat after me: we’re still blindfolded and we’re working hard at busting this Piñata open! This carnivalesque drive to break stuff might explain why warnings of the kind of data the add-on will be able to access are taken lightly:

And pop goes the Piñata!


Your activity log tracks the load of scams you’ve just dumped into your friends’ accounts. These scams come with a script so they can track places the victim has been checked into by friends, and include that location in the message it employs to spread even further. Simply put, you apparently receive a message from a friend, who seems to be accompanied by several other friends at a location you’ve been to at least once. Jumbo social engineering pack!

The usual advice would be for you to uninstall the add-on. In this case, you would also be forced to warn your friends about …..EVERYTHING you might have posted on their walls!

And that’s when your online social world suddenly turns into a very, very lonely place.

P.S. Do we all agree now that this artifact below is NOT something we’d click to see?


This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Tudor Florescu, BitDefender Online Threats Analyst and Andrei Serbanoiu, Bitdefender Analyst Programmer.

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