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Slow Boot Time? Bitdefender’s Startup Optimizer Kicks Your Launch Time into High Gear

Does your computer boot so slowly that you’re tempted to go make coffee to save time after hitting the Start button? Bitdefender’s new Startup Optimizer has a solution.

The new Startup Optimizer will speed up your system’s boot time by managing the launching of startup applications.

Users can manage startup time by enabling, removing or delaying applications at boot. The feature also offers analytics on applications’ startup time and dead-accurate Community choices statistics that tell you how other users optimize their boot time.

So where do you find it? Go to the Tools panel from your Bitdefender main user interface and click on the Startup Optimizer from the Tuneup menu.

Why use it?

  • Blazing Startup
  • Startup app customization
  • Information on app startup time
  • Enable/Delay/Disable options
  • Community choices statistics

Is your coffee ready? With the new Startup Optimizer your computer will have the fastest startup speed ever while getting the best protection from threats. See for yourself the new Bitdefender 2015 review.

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Lucian Ciolacu

Still the youngest Bitdefender News writer, Lucian is constantly after flash news in the security industry, especially when something is vulnerable or exploited. Besides digging for 'hacker' scoops and data leaks, he enjoys sports, such as football and tennis.
He has also combined an interest for social and political sciences, as a graduate of the Political Science Faculty, with a passion for guitar and computer games.

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  • [IMG][/IMG]

    This is my boot speed without BD 2015. Is that your boot speed reading? 2:18….? That’s fast….