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Snapchat Warns Users of Malicious Third-Party Apps

Snapchat Warns Users of Malicious Third-Party Apps

Snapchat will ask customers to stop using unauthorized third-party apps built on Snapchat services as they may compromise their accounts, the company announced in a blog post.

“Starting today, we will notify Snapchatters when we have detected that they may be using third-party apps and we’ll ask those Snapchatters to change their password and stop using unauthorized apps,” the post reads.

The decision comes after several developers used the app’s API to build risky apps. These apps usually require the original Snapchat’s login credentials to send and receive snaps or access account information.

“When you give your login credentials to a third-party application, you’re allowing a developer, and possibly a criminal, to access your account information and send information on your behalf,” Snapchat wrote.

Last month,, a website that allows users to save photos from Snapchat, was hacked and 100,000 Snapchat photos and videos leaked the web. Users believed Snapchat servers were breached, but both companies denied the rumors.

The company also said it banned access to its private API because it is not ready to build a trustworthy ecosystem together with other developers.

To protect its community, Snapchat said any application “that isn’t ours but claims to offer Snapchat services violates our Terms of Use and can’t be trusted.”

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