Sneaky Tweet Peek at End of Year Superlatives

New App Recognizes Twitter Bots, Researchers Say
New App Recognizes Twitter Bots, Researchers Say
Phish Phishewsky flies to HaHa Land with

Now that the e-world’s safe and sound and there’s nothing left for us, doomsday chroniclers, to write about, I’ve decided to take up my second career path of choice: stand-up comedy.

Having watched Woody Allen recount his hilarious Moose exploits, and having discovered I’ve got sooo much in common with him (we BOTH wear glasses…there!), I set about creating a repertoire for myself. You know, so that I’m well prepared for the show that’s bound to set me orbiting Comedy Planet.

Draft 1: Scam walks into a bar and tells the bartender: ”Mother’s maiden name!”. Bartender answers: ”Iron”.

(not that good, huh?)

Draft 2: Scam walks into a bar. Bartender says: “We don’t serve PINs here”. Scam says: “Haystacks, maybe?”.

I’ll go ahead and assume you’ll be ROTFL-ing for the next couple of minutes…at least. No chance? Oh, well…guess I could use a little bit of practice to get my sense of spontaneous humor back into shape. Help’s already on the way:


The Internet is undoubtedly swarming with opportunities for breakthrough discoveries (from 300 page single-space volumes on Why Santa has a beard to slideshows on how to build your own mall in an ant farm) so I wouldn’t blame anyone for clicking this promising link. One click that takes you to:


A nice Twitter login lookalike. Just look at its wonder of a URL.

Just as in the Moose story, take the page to a party, drive with it writhing on your fender, let it come second in costume contests (with winners dressed up as phishing pages)….just don’t give it your e-mail address or your Twitter credentials. Things won’t be much fun afterwards.

This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Tudor Florescu, BitDefender Online Threats Analyst 

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