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SoundCloud Users Targeted by Scammers with Spam and Dubious Software

Users of the audio platform SoundCloud are targeted by scammers with spam and dubious software offers, according to ThreatTrack Security. Experts warn that over the last year cyber-criminals uploaded several files that misused brands of popular movies and TV shows to redirect users to spammy content. 

The links embedded in the files lead to shady websites such as paid services, survey scams with fake prizes, and dubious software.

“It seems this technique has been around for at least 10 months (and possibly longer) on the SoundCloud service,” Senior Threat Researcher Chris Boyd said.

SoundCloud Users Targeted by Scammers with Spam and Dubious Software
SoundCloud scams – Image Credit: ThreatTrack Security

“In all cases, the ‘music file’ appears to be webcam microphone feedback, or random snippets of conversation heard in the background. I’m not sure if the people talking are the ones uploading the content, but you’d think they’d show a little initiative and create a fun jingle to listen to or something.”

Spammers also add notes to promote links and installations they want to drive traffic to. Those notes can automatically open up under the track as it plays. Users should avoid clicking on dubious links on the audio platform and keep their antivirus updated.

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