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Spammers are After Apple Credentials, Bitdefender Warns

Apple Tops Phishing Targets in First Half of 2014, Report Says

Emails claiming to come from Apple are being sent to English-speaking users to lure them into giving away their financial data, Bitdefender warns.

Attackers ask unsuspecting users to review their billing information in a well-crafted message.


Once they click on the “Reset now” link, the login screen asks them to enter their Apple ID and password. Next, users are asked to fill in account information, including credit card number, CVV and expiration date.


After completing the form, a message reassures them the account has been secured using two-factor authentication.


Bitdefender advises users to look for anything out of the ordinary in order to recognize spammy messages and avoid becoming victims of identity theft. In this case, the URL belongs to a domain clearly unrelated to Apple, and the sender’s email address also sparks suspicions.


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  • As you can see the website address is a dead giveaway as it isn’t even Also Apple are like most companies, they won’t send you clickable links via email and they will only get in touch if you have initiated contact first.

  • And it’s not only about Apple, some weeks ago I have received the similar email from mail and they offered me to change credentials in the same way. Regarding BitDefender I can say only positive words as it always warns about suspicious emails and blocks malicious websites.

  • Even i also received these kind of emails for changing the credentials. After coming to know about this i started using BitDefender which stops suspicious email and gives comprehensive protection.