Spy App Comes to the iPhone

Got a jailbroken iPhone? You really, truly should pin-lock it.

MobileSpy “phones home” – i.e. to producers Retina-X headquarters, with updates on the device’s position, sms and call logs. The updates can then be read from the mobilespy user account, via the Web. Previous versions of the app only supported Symbian and Windows Mobile based smartphones.

MobileSpy is available via the web, as a download, so anyone could order and install it from (and on) your iPhone, given a couple minutes physical access. It could be the ultimate stalker tool, or it could be a boon for
helicopter parents and people wishing to know where exactly that thief has gone with their new phone.

How it’s used in your particular case depends on the level of control you maintain over the device. Just remember, if you choose to install the app on your own phone, that the fine folks at Retina-X also get to see your
logs. There’s no word on the product website about the logs being sent in some encrypted form, either.

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Razvan Stoica started off writing for a science monthly and was the chief
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