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Start Testing Bitdefender 2018 Beta Now! Prizes Included!

Bitdefender 2018 is just around the corner, packing new features and various technology improvements. If you want an early preview and the chance to win prizes for tips and suggestions on how to make it better, get ready to sign up for our Beta campaign.

Pre-registration for testing Bitdefender Total Security 2018 starts on May 5, with the kit becoming available for download on the Bitdefender 2018 Beta website starting with May 22nd.

Besides a new, simpler installation interface, some new features and technology improvements in Bitdefender Total Security 2018 revolve around double-layered defense against ransomware, web cam protection, and privacy overhauls on features such as File Shredder, Password Manager, Firewall, and many others.

Ransomware has become more of a nuisance this year, and attackers are constantly improving its potency. We’ve seen ransomware developers not only making ransomware accessible to everyone, but also figuring out new delivery and dissemination methods that increase their reach to as many victims as possible.

The Active protection offered by the new ATD (Advanced Threat Defense) and Threat Intelligence Platform significantly increases security against ransomware. On top of that, the second layer of defense against ransomware relies on Bitdefender’s self-protect technology, meaning that your files and data will be secured using the highest level of protection available.

In terms of privacy, a laptop’s camera is always facing its user and cybercriminals can remotely control them to spy on you. Even FBI’s director James Comey mentioned that covering up your camera might save you from extortion. While that is a low-tech approach, our new Bitdefender 2018 comes packing a new webcam protection module that can detect any application trying to gain access to your camera, and block the ones not authorized. This way, you can still enjoy video calls with your friends and family, without worrying that someone else might be spying on you.

To streamline product upgrades, this year we’re also introducing the ability to upgrade your previous Bitdefender 2017 to the new Bitdefender 2018, without having to uninstall the first one. Via a simple update, the new Bitdefender 2018 will be installed seamlessly and effortlessly.

Subscribing beta testers are more than encouraged to not only test these new features, but also explore and identify new ones that we’re planning to introduce in Bitdefender Total Security 2018.

We know that hunting down bugs and glitches can become tiresome at times, but your effort will not go unnoticed. This year’s prizes include a Microsoft Surface Book, a Samsung Galaxy S8, a Vector Luna Smartwatch and Bitdefender licenses that will be going out to those that reported the most interesting bugs or had the most complete feedback.

So if you’ve got an eye for detail, a heart for security, and a mindset built for curiosity, sign up for the new Bitdefender 2018 Beta by registering on the official Bitdefender 2018 Beta website.

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Liviu Arsene is the proud owner of the secret to the fountain of never-ending energy. That's what's been helping him work his everything off as a passionate tech news editor for the past couple of years. He is the youngest and most restless member of the Bitdefender writer team and he covers mobile malware and security topics with fervor and a twist. His passions revolve around gadgets and technology, and he's always ready to write about what's hot and trendy out there in geek universe.


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  • Salut. Am introdus adresa de e-mail pentru bitdefender 2018 beta si nu am primit nimic in email. Cum pot face sa primesc kit-ul de instalare pentru versiunea 2018 de testare? Multumesc!

    • Buna ziua,

      Momentan va puteti inscrie in campanie. Procesul de testare incepe pe 22 mai, cand veti fi contactat pe e-mail cu un link de download. Va vom contacta pe parcurs cu detalii imediat ce incepem campania. Multumim!

    • You should have received a follow-up e-mail on the address you registered with. It includes a link to the beta kit.

  • I have a family pack with Bitdefender 2017 Total Security. Can I switch out one of the computers under that plan to Bitdefender 2018 Total Security Beta?

    • HI there, Larry.

      Sure you can switch one or more of your devices to the Beta product. What you need to do is first uninstall the Bitdefender 2017 product that you already have installed. Point your browser to and download the beta kit. This beta kit is a special version of Bitdefender 2017 that can be updated to Bitdefender 2018 BETA manually. You only need to click the UPDATE NOW button in the main window of the product and reboot your computer. Let us know if you need any additional guidance.


  • I registered as a beta tester, but I never got version 2018. I'm still waiting for the update to install the new version. What's wrong? Is it because of the language version (Dutch in my case)?
    I did not receive the e-mail with the download link either.

    • Hello, Luc.

      You can get the Beta 2018 kit by visiting Download the kit and install it on your computer. Pelase note that, because this is a beta, it is only available in English.