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Supposedly Widespread Use of TrapWire Terrorist Detection System Revealed by WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks delivers new inside intel that brings to light government and corporate big names’ supposed plans to use TrapWire, a spy tool designed to help prevent terrorist attacks, as reported by

TrapWire was developed by Abraxas Corporation and, according to its technical specification, was intended to cover a very precise need: “the prevention of terrorist attacks on critical infrastructure requires the ability to detect various discreet but identifiable indicators of pre-attack preparations.”

The tool’s extensive surveillance capacities allow it to provide “a map with dynamic status indicators for each entity connected to the TrapWire network”, based on “human-entered data and on info collected by sensors” to create individual and vehicle profiles and describe the client’s critical vulnerabilities “as viewed through the eyes of a terrorist attacker”.

“The information collected by TrapWire can also be shared with law enforcement agencies to assist in their counterterrorism efforts,” reads the Abraxas description, making the tool’s ultimate purpose as clear as possible.

Leaked correspondence between Abraxas and potential customers, such as Stratfor, a subscription-based provider of geopolitical analysis, indicate that the tool may already be widely used by large corporations. “We have an agreement in principle with Abraxas (TrapWire) to provide “streaming sitreps” to their clients via their desktop/homepage by the end of July.  Their clients include Scotland Yard, #10 Downing, the White House, and many MNC’s.  This is big time QSM.  This will get us front and center to corporations and governments to sell IS.  Our consideration is introducing them to companies like Wal Mart, Dell and other Fred cronies,” reads one initially confidential e-mail sent by a Strafor executive.

 Another batch of now public sensitive correspondence appears to confirm TrapWire’s anti-terrorist track record. “According to a very good source responsible for domestic surveillance operations, an extremely serious al Qaeda terror plot has been uncovered targeting a financial institution, an entertainment center and a government office bldg in Los Angeles.  The same terrorist surveillance team [i.e. TrapWire’s] conducted pre-operational surveillance of all three sites.”

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