Surfers, Beware

This week


Today’s Trojan, detected by BitDefender as Trojan.IFrame.GF
is a medium-spreading security threat that arrived in the BitDefender labs on
February 17th. This puny fragment of HTML code opens malicious URLs in a hidden
window – usually links to scripts exploiting various vulnerabilities in
browsers and browser-related software. These scripts act as fully-fledged
downloaders that stealthilly drop other malicious content. More than that, the
same mechanism allows malware already installed on the computer to be updated,
renewed or even changed at any given moment.


The second security threat presented in this week’s malware bulletin is
closely related to Trojan.Iframe.GF. Shortly put, the former acts as a pipeline
for the second, thus dramatically enhancing its spreading capabilities.

The Visual Basic
script is 3KB large and also acts as a downloader for other infected binaries.
Although the script’s activity is less likely to be detected by non-tecnical
computer users, slow internet connections and higher CPU usage are usually the
first signs of infection.

Information in this article is available
courtesy of: Marius Vanta