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Teen Hacks High-School Network to Get Girl’s Data

When social networks aren’t enough to get information about your colleague, hack into her computer at school. Well, that’s how 20 year-old Matthew Higgins thought. After boasting about his accomplishment on a hacking forum, he was prosecuted for accessing user data without authorization.

According to a news report from the BBC, Higgins accessed data and then sent a fake message to Clwyd West assembly member Darren Millar to report that the girl’s computer was unsecured and – more than that – his own computer was hacked into and used to fabricate evidence against him.

“This is a case you may think about a young man who likes to create a panic using his knowledge of computers, a young man you may think who wants to gain attention. On two occasions he’s pretended to be a parent of a pupil at Eirias High School,” said Owen Edwards from Caernarfon Crown Court, in a statement for the Daily Mail.

Hacking attempts against colleagues and peers take place often but are not always discovered or reported. For many teenagers, they are a way to demonstrate their knowledge of computers, but they end up badly for both the attacker and the victim when police start prosecuting the intruder.

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