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The 10 Best Tech Bloggers and Journalists to Read for Security News

If you’re reading Hot4Security, there’s a good chance you’re into tech, mobile, social media and the security of all of them.Here’s a list of people to follow to help you keep better track of what’s going on in the world of tech security.

(Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive and it covers both security and tech folks.)

If anybody is absolutely Hot for Security, that person is Violet Blue. Some know her from the many erotica books she authored, some know her because she’s a top 25 Forbes “Web Celeb”, but what stands out most is her active passion for the latest tech news and the critical privacy issues they stir. In her articles for ZDNet, c|net and CBS News, Violet is active, curious and feisty. She constantly prods the big fish to start a conversation about security issues that can affect us all.

With a soft spot for security, Seth Rosenblatt covers mostly everything tech-related in his articles for c|net. From operating systems to mobile apps and various e-vulnerabilities, you’ll find an in-depth analysis of everything, with a security spin to it. Seth Rosenblatt’s articles are quite long and thorough, but never boring, as they always offer an interesting perspective on things. So do his tweets.

One of the most famous columnists at TechCrunch, MG Siegler stands out with fun, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand articles about privacy. His writing is never dull, always enhanced by info about other relevant news in the industry and genuinely interesting. MG Siegler writes mostly about mobile stuff (iOS), everything tech (new gadgets, big players) and apps, but he’s also a big fan of gaming and shares the coolest tweets about …  almost everything.

Although she runs her own tech show over at @BBCClick, Kate Rusell lives on the web. She’s always on Twitter -  engaging with users, sharing cool links or posting first-hand tech news. She is the main source of fresh news and she seems to know all the cool people in the world of tech and how to work the cloud. She’s worth to keep an eye on.

Passionate about computer security, Brian Krebs is THE blogger to follow for first-hand malware analysis, the latest cyber threats and the vulnerabilities you should know about. His blog is somewhat geeky and the language quite technical, but Krebs manages to make the info quite accessible and easy to understand for information security-hungry readers, tech savvy or not.

Tech columnist for The Wall Street Journal and co-owner of AllThingsD, Walt Mossberg is one of those guys with an upfront ethic statementthat allows him to speak his mind about everything and comment freely on the tech news he covers. That makes his articles worth reading and his opinion extremely valuable across the tech media space.

Technology writer for The Guardian, Charles Arthur is a big fan of privacy, free data and social networks, and he’s an avid pursuer of the latest news about the digital world. His latest book, Digital Wars, covers some predictions of how the internet landscape will look in the next five years. Judging from his experience in tech media, he is probably right.

Chief Editor for Help-Net Security, Mirko goes way beyond the comfort zone to provide his readers the best security analysis and the latest tech news and put it into perspective. He’s really into the security and privacy side of things, so you’ll find first-hand info and a great security specialist’s opinion.

Seeing his name here may come as no surprise, as the Scobeleizer is probably the most influential tech blogger out there. But aside from that, Robert Scoble is among the biggest advocates of online privacy. Besides introducing the world to what’s going on in the tech world, he’s actively talking about the security aspects of things, educating and informing his readers about the importance of a safe online experience.

After working for Softpedia, Lucian Constantin writes about information security, privacy and data protection for IDG. His articles are somewhat technical, as he spends a lot of time on tech support forums for research purposes.


These 10 are just a few of the folks I follow for the latest news in tech and security.

Who else do you read? Leave your suggestions in the comment section :)

For more people to follow and interesting links to share, you can always follow me too.

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Ligia ADAM

Ligia Adam is a passionate online communication professional, advocating for protection against all kinds of e-threats. Preaching about data & identity theft, infected mobile apps, social media scams & other nasty stuff, Ligia Adam’s mission at Bitdefender is to teach and inform internet users on how to keep their digital life safe.


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  • Wow. This list is so wrong. First I have to question anyone with a title of ‘security evangelist’ Obviosuly out of touch with the security community as that term went out of fashion years ago and any still using it is often subject to ridicule.

    As for the list I would reconsider the inclusion of Violet Blue. Obviously an Anonymous fan boy (girl, whatever) her ‘reporting’ often rambles on for paragraph before getting to the point and then rambles on again far to long incorporating completely unrelated events. Definitely should NOT be on this list.

    Kate Russel? never heard of her. Seriously, point me to one major breaking story this person has reported on because I have never seen one.

    Walt Mossberg? He is a tech reporter not security. And a paid shill tech reporter at that. And for the NY Times, which has notoriously hyped tech/security stories (see Kevin Mitnick) He is more about the hype than the actual story. Anything for a page view.

    Mirko Zorz? he isn’t a reporter he is an aggregator. Have you even read Help-Net at all?

    I’ll give Brian Krebs, simply unreproachable. And I will echo the earlier comment on Bill Brenner. usually top Notch Stuff.

    But where the hell is Kim Zetter? Kevin Poulsen? Dancho Danchev? Arik Hessidahl? Hell I would even put Space Rogue on this list, who is not even a reporter justa security media critic.

    Seriously this is more than a difference of opinon on who the ten best are, you have made some serious erors here.

    – Matt Haz

  • Matt – agreed.
    I never said this list is about security journalists only. There are also tech bloggers who write about security from time to time or tech journalists with security concerns.

    Like I said in the article, this list is quite random and by no means complete.
    There are a lot of people I left out (Aldo Cortesi, Dan Goodin just to name a few names), but I did that because I don’t really know just how technical or into security our readers are.

    Thanks for your comment, it really helps. Maybe you can help me update the list