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The Nordics are winning the game of IoT deployment

While 64 percent of homes in the Americas have deployed IoT, only half of the world’s population has fully embraced IoT devices.

Recent ITU (International Telecommunications Union) research shows the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) have the highest penetration rate for connected devices, followed by New Zealand, which ranks second. Evidently, this is a result of these countries’ extremely developed economy, high standard of living and automation throughout sectors.

Although analysts found the European market slow in comparison with the 13 million smart homes listed for the North American market in 2015, Sweden is leading in IoT implementation and in machine-to-machine communication. The US ranks seventh, ahead of Ireland and behind Denmark. Surprisingly, Bulgaria ranks 10th, while the UK, in spite of several investments in IoT projects, didn’t make the top 20.

As mobile broadband subscriptions are forecast to reach 4 billion in 2016, “the more people who have mobile broadband, the more ability there will be to connect smart devices to them,” explains Chuck Martin of Mediapost. “And the more people who become connected, the more need and opportunity there will be for marketing and interacting with those consumers.”

With remarkable scores in The Sustainable Development Goals Index and earning the first places, the Nordics are among the most developed European countries.

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