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Tips to Keep Your Laptop Yours

Laptops and smartphones get lost or stolen with unsettling frequency, according to the latest research data from a Bitdefender survey. A whopping 31% of participants claimed they or someone they know had their mobile device (a laptop or smartphone) stolen or lost, lending further credence to the idea that mobile users are at risk for more than data theft and inflated bills from premium-rated SMS charges.

Yet most people seem to find theft insurance either expensive or unwieldy – only 3% of respondents had insured their mobile devices.

To put things into perspective, one-third of respondents (34%) said they do not use anti-theft software either, while about 15% claimed they have no idea what anti-theft software is.

Here are a couple of useful tips, if you never want to involuntarily part with your mobile devices:

1. Stay with your mobile devices at all times

A laptop lying in a car’s back seat is like a worm at the end of a hook. A predator might take the bait and leave you hanging. So, always keep your backpack close.

2. Keep them away from prying eyes

You can’t take something if you don’t know it’s there! Try not to expose your laptop, tablet or smartphone when working from dubious locations or when you’re going out at night.

3. Use geolocation

Despite your best efforts, devices might still get stolen. By installing anti-theft software, you could track lost devices and apprehend the culprit.

4. Give them a voice

Anti-theft software comes with an alarm function, so if you misplace your phone around the house, you can trigger a “panic alarm” and follow the beeping, or send a message to the cabby in whose taxi you left it.

Major security companies already offer anti-theft software, as a standalone product or part of their solution suites. If you want to get your hands on one, here’s a product we know of that’s at a special price.


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Ligia Adam is a passionate online communication professional, advocating for protection against all kinds of e-threats. Preaching about data & identity theft, infected mobile apps, social media scams & other nasty stuff, Ligia Adam’s mission at Bitdefender is to teach and inform internet users on how to keep their digital life safe.