Top 100 Removal Tool for September, Ready for Download


This signature update adds detection and disinfection for the most important e-threats identified in September, ranging from Trojanized keygens and cracks to the already classic malware families such as Trojan.AutorunINF, Win32.Worm.Downadup, ExploitCPLLnk (Stuxnet), Win32.Virtob or Adware.Hotbar.

For a full list of detections, please read the description of the Top 100 Removal Tool for September in the download page.

The removal tools can be downloaded from the Malware City Downloads area by clicking on one of the links below:

Download the Top 100 Removal Tool for September (32-bit version)
Download the Top 100 Removal Tool for September (64-bit version)

The Top 100 Removal Tool for September is available courtesy of Gabriel Ciubotaru, Bitdefender malware researcher.

About the author


Bogdan Botezatu is living his second childhood at Bitdefender as senior e-threat analyst. When he is not documenting sophisticated strains of malware or writing removal tools, he teaches extreme sports such as surfing the web without protection or rodeo with wild Trojan horses. He believes that most things in life can be beat with strong heuristics and that antimalware research is like working for a secret agency: you need to stay focused at all times, but you get all the glory when you catch the bad guys.

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